You know Prometheus? Yeah, that one. Well, Verizon has teamed with Twentieth Century Fox to bring you an online Prometheus mini-game in which you navigate through various levels (powering the ship, unlocking surveillance cameras, etc.) using the extremely cool Verizon Home Monitoring and Control features.


Home Monitoring and Control brings the future to life. You can remotely turn lights on and off, adjust your thermostat, view your home, or lock/unlock doors with just the swipe of your smartphone screen. So during the game, you manipulate the USCSS Prometheus via remote cameras, locating tablets and turning them on to reveal passcodes, fiddling with the lights in the Lab, and controlling the temperature of the Escape Hatch, just like you can control cameras, lights, and temps in your own home.

Click here to play the Prometheus mini-game and be entered for a chance to win a trip to London (where the film was shot), and to gain access to a bunch of exclusive Prometheus content like blueprints of the USCSS Prometheus and much, much more, using the Home Monitoring and Control features from the company that's bringing Sci-Fi to life—Verizon.


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