Age backwards with Hollywood's sexiest activist dad in David Fincher's adaptation of the short story The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. The film follows a strange birth, where the baby starts out as an old man and proceeds to age backwards. So while all the other seven-year-olds look like chubby cherubs running around, Benjamin, played by Brad Pitt, looks about 70. See Pitt through the years in our Button's gallery and take a guess what age each version of Button is on the inside.Who doesn't want to grow old backwards with Brad Pitt? It's kind of creepy how much he looks like Robert Redford, but even stranger is the old man baby, yikes. The short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald has Button being born as an old man with a long white beard, but only about 3 feet tall. I wonder is the old man baby the beginning or the end of his life? I tend to think the beginning, because his surrogate family still appears to be very young when they are handed the bundle. Also in the short story, Button's mind gets changed by his age: when he was older and in a child-like form he regressed into the mind of a baby. From the sound of the trailers it doesn't sound like his mind changes. So he looks like a baby but has the mind of an old man. Which brings it much closer to Andrew Sean Greer's classic novel The Confessions Of Max Tivoli.