Play a nightmarish adventure story set in a twisted world that evolved from Peanuts comics

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An alien intelligence gets a hold of a book of Peanuts comics and misinterprets them as a protocol for life. Gradually, the intelligence spreads its misshapen imitations of Snoopy and Charlie Brown across the universe like a cancer, until all of existence resembles Charles Schulz's work filtered through a horrific acid trip. That is the setting of Mastaba Snoopy, a choosable path adventure in which a young Woodsnoopy must navigate the depression-prone landscape filled with nickel-seeking Lucys and the cosmic horror that is Peppermint Patty.


Mastaba Snoopy is probably better experienced than described; more than a game, it's a bizarre exercise in worldbuilding. After learning how this Peanuts-inspired universe came into being, you are cast in the role of Woodsnoopy 799, a half-bird, half-beagle creature set to an impossible task:

Woodsnoopy 45 stares into your open heart. Her yellow head squirms and pukes up feathers.

It makes you uncomfortable when she looks at you. She makes a demand.

Her demands come often and always create uncomfortably simultaneous feelings of resentment and obedience.


That is the territory of the Lucy faction. They are the ones who gather nickels. Woodsnoopy 45 is overstepping her boundaries.

Being a mere Woodsnoopy 799, however, you can do naught but obey.

Society sometimes seems untenable to you. The rigid caste-based hierarchies and roles, the antiquated hostility between the revenant clans - it all creates an unignorable doubt in your undersized jonquil head.

You have a headache and a task: get nickels.

As you click through the text (and occasionally die), you are sent through a bizarre, blasphemous homage to Schulz: the Fiefdom of Pitcher Mounds, a maze of Charlie Browns, a multi-headed Marcy, and more. It's all brain-meltingly odd, but strangely compelling.


Photo by Sarah Joy.

Mastaba Snoopy [via MetaFilter]

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I think it's an interesting idea.

Never was a huge Peanuts fan though so perhaps I'm not as likely to take offense to it. Now if this was a weird version of Calvin & Hobbes... then maybe...