Play A Creepy Choose Your Own Adventure Game On Twitter And Enjoy Dying

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If you loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books (and dying over and over again between their pages), here's some good news: you can play a chooseable path game right now through the magic of Twitter. The bad news: you're going to die. A lot.

Terence Eden decided to play with interactive storytelling by buying up a bunch of Twitter accounts (Twitter has rules against registering multiple accounts from a single IP address) and set to work building a simple but creepy story in the style of those choosable path books.


While Eden is the first to admit that he didn't invent the concept of the Twitter chooseable-path game, what he does with the format is pretty cool. He uses the account names, descriptions, header images, and avatars to help enhance the game's mood.

Give it a go and see all the myriad ways you can die:

You can also read how Eden executed the project on his blog, just in case you want to write a murder-filled Twitter story of your own.

[via FastCo Design]


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So I think I won... if being left alone as the last living person on Earth can be considered "winning"