Play A Creepy Choose Your Own Adventure Game On Twitter And Enjoy Dying

If you loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books (and dying over and over again between their pages), here's some good news: you can play a chooseable path game right now through the magic of Twitter. The bad news: you're going to die. A lot.

Terence Eden decided to play with interactive storytelling by buying up a bunch of Twitter accounts (Twitter has rules against registering multiple accounts from a single IP address) and set to work building a simple but creepy story in the style of those choosable path books.


While Eden is the first to admit that he didn't invent the concept of the Twitter chooseable-path game, what he does with the format is pretty cool. He uses the account names, descriptions, header images, and avatars to help enhance the game's mood.

Give it a go and see all the myriad ways you can die:


You can also read how Eden executed the project on his blog, just in case you want to write a murder-filled Twitter story of your own.

[via FastCo Design]


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