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Plastic Packards Whiz Through The Steamlined City of Tomorrow

Shortly before the end of the Second World War, Army-Navy Screen Magazine (a newsreel version of what would later be called a television news magazine) began a new series on the world of tomorrow to be faced by soon-to-be veterans. The first installment was called "Tomorrow Television," and while most of it is not very interesting—at least from an entertainment standpoint—the opening sequence features shots of what I think must be the G.M. Futurama from the World's Fair of 1939-40, but definitely not from the filmed version of that most popular fair venue.


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Final: God Fearing Robot

Flying Cars, Jet Packs, Cities made of Crome, blazay, blazay, blah...

Why has everyone forgotten my beloved Pneumatic tubes. No I don't want to share your germs on the elevator. No I don't want to guess what I just sat down in on the bus. They're for more then just my deposit slip dammit.