Step aside, humans; the plants are about to take over the Singapore skyline. This building may look like a scene from a post-human era, but it's actually the EDITT Tower, an eco-friendly structure slated for construction in Singapore. The hope is that the veggie-laden tower will provide locals with a much-welcome view of plant life in an urban setting, as well as help rehabilitate the city-state's devastated ecosystem.The EDITT Tower, which represents Ecological Design in the Tropics, was designed by Malaysian architecture firm TR Hamzah & Yeang with an eye toward sustainability, adaptability, and ecological improvement. It will employ photovoltaic panels to harness solar energy as well as a plant to convert sewage into biogas and fertilizer. Like many urban areas, Singapore‚Äôs ecosystem is considered ‚Äúzero culture,‚ÄĚ an ecologically devastated site cleared of vegetation. The plant life on the EDITT Tower will improve the region‚Äôs biodiversity and bring the populace in daily contact with a variety of plant life:

Approximately half of the surface area of the EDITT Tower will be wrapped in organic local vegetation, and passive architecture will allow for natural ventilation. Publicly accessible ramps will connect upper floors to the street level lined in shops, restaurants and plant life. The building has also been designed for future adaptability, with many walls and floors that can be moved or removed. In a city known for its downpours, the building will collect rainwater and integrate a grey-water system for both plant irrigation and toilet flushing with an estimated 55% self-sufficiency.


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