Illustration for article titled Plans for Space-Age Chemosphere on Display in Los Angeles

From now until October 12, Los Angeles-based io9ers can view architect John Lautner's original designs for the Chemosphere and other modernistic buildings at the Hammer Museum. Built in the Hollywood Hills in 1960, the space-age Chemosphere house looks like a flying saucer on its launching pad, perched atop a 30' pole and reached by its own funicular. Reminiscent of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion House, "Lautner imagined dozens of his octagonal houses scattered across the Santa Monica Mountains, each in its own self-contained world enveloped in glass." That didn't happen, but the Chemosphere has made many appearances in t.v., movies, and comics (it's where Desolation Jones lives). Click through for a clip of Chemosphere's appearance in "The Duplicate Man," a 1964 episode of Outer Limits based on a short story by Clifford D. Simak. "Bonding Humanity and Landscape in a Perfect Circle" [New York Times]

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