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We loved Greg Pak's robot-themed anthology film Robot Stories, and now he's crafted a bizarre, clever short film set in our eco-apocalyptic near future. "Mister Green" is one of 11 movies about future America that you can watch for free.


Pak, of course, is the writer of Planet Hulk, one of our favorite superhero epics of the past few years and now a direct-to-DVD movie. He's also the creator of Amadeus Cho, the young genius who just became Marvel Comics' new Prince of Power, replacing Hercules. (It totally makes sense if you read the comics.)

Illustration for article titled Planet Hulks Mad Genius Has A Radical Solution To Global Warming

Now Pak has contributed a short film, "Mister Green," to FutureStates, a collection of 11 short films about the United States of a few years from now. Without giving away the whole plot, it's horrifying as well as beautiful, and could easily have been the "menace of the week" in a 1960s Star Trek episode. You can watch it below, and read updates on Twitter. Here's the synopsis:

In the disturbingly near future, Venice is submerged, Canal Street in New York City has become a real canal again, and it's 87 degrees in December in Boston. Catastrophic global warming has moved from theory to fact. At the Biosphere Climate Change Expo, undersecretary for the Department of Global Warming Mason Park (Tim Kang) informs the crowd of scientists and activists that the tipping point has passed, and that they are all at fault.

He tells them that the scientists of the world failed to create the necessary pressure, which would have allowed for the political changes needed to confront global warming. Now the Department of Global Warming has been defunded, drying up research money for climate initiatives.

That night at the hotel bar, Park runs into Dr. Gloria Holtzer (Betty Gilpin), a former graduate school classmate, and one of the scientists who will be losing her grant money. Park blames himself for failing to prevent the climate catastrophe in time, but finds comfort in Holtzer's arms. However, she has an ulterior motive. Park awakens in the morning and soon realizes that everything has changed.

Holtzer's ecotech company has developed an entirely new way to confront the challenge of catastrophic global warming - by changing the very nature of the human race itself. And Park has become a very powerful test subject.

Mister Green is a parable about change - both personal and political.

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