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As we head into Spring, one thing becomes obvious: There aren't that many shows on TV for us to recap anymore. So what should we be watching instead? It's time for you to tell us.


This used to be the point of the afternoon where I'd talk about the previous night's episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or occasionally Batman: The Brave And The Bold. But both of those shows are off the air for awhile now - Clone Wars returns in the fall, and Brave and Bold in May - which led me to wonder what I should be doing with the time I normally spent watching and writing about them. And then I realized that you should tell me.

In Netflix's "Watch Instantly" area's sci-fi category, the following movies are listed as "new arrivals":
Dragon Wars
Godzilla Vs. Destroyer/Space Godzilla
Battlefield Earth
I've seen none of these movies before - No, not even Battlefield Earth - but you get to change that. Below, you can vote for the movie you want me to watch this week, and write about this time next week. Majority rules, unless someone makes a particularly compelling case for one of the movies in the comments (Or no-one votes, in which case you're getting Antibody. Dude, it's got Lance Henriksen being shrunk down and injected into a terrorist to save the world). All I ask is that you please be gentle. It's my first time, after all.


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