Pixar's SadLab Is Why You Cried So Hard During Inside Out

Internet Comedians Above Average have discovered the secret behind why each of Pixar’s films are a tearjerker: a cutting edge Sad lab that looks into all the best ways to make people cry.


It makes total, perfect sense to me: Pixar’s films are notorious for pulling on your heartstrings, and we’re not going to rule out a secret lab, parody video or not.

That said, there’s a grain of truth to this. I reviewed Ed Catmull’s memoir, Creativity Inc., a while back, and they put a lot of effort into getting a story that works for audiences and its characters.



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Inside Out was easily Pixar’s saddest movie. There are movies of theirs with sadder scenes, but it’s hands-down the saddest overall. Then again, it’s literally about depression, what would you expect?