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Pixar's Next Big Project Gets a Title and Some Curious First Details

Production card for Disney and Pixar’s Soul.
Production card for Disney and Pixar’s Soul.
Image: Twitter

With Toy Story 4's premiere upon us, now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about Pixar’s future projects, and not just ones like Onward that we’ve already seen glimpses of. Today, Disney and Pixar announced the title of Soul, their next major feature hitting theaters next summer, and included a cryptic tagline about the film’s premise that’s open to interpretation.


Slated to hit theaters on June 19th, 2020, Soul “will take you on a journey from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms to discover the answers to life’s most important questions,” according to the announcement the studios made on Twitter today. The film will be directed by Inside Out’s Pete Docter and produced by Dana Murray, who worked as the art manager on Brave.


While the announcement doesn’t provide much in the way of details, Deadline reports that the film’s tagline reads “ever wonder where your passion, your dreams and your interests come from? What is it that makes you… YOU,” which is somewhat interesting given the wordplay baked into the movie’s title and the imagery of the production title card released today. There’s a very good chance that Soul will in some way feature the sun (“sol” being Latin for “sun”), and because the film will take its characters from New York City into the “cosmic realms,” it’s likely that the story’ll focus on humans rather than just anthropomorphized celestial bodies.

Of course, none of this may be the case, and Soul could end up being something entirely different, but the fact that half of the atoms in our bodies were once parts of long-dead stars from other distant galaxies seems like the kind of thing Pixar would love to turn into a big film.

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Set during a 1970s summer, a young bass-playing girl living in Harlem learns important life lessons from the ghosts of iconic Harlem musicians, summoned when she plays on her apartment building’s rooftop at night. Her guide is a gregarious Sun Ra-like busker, who delivers psychedelic philosophy in song. It’s Aladdin meets Roll Bounce.

She will also have some sort of animal sidekick.