Pixar's Good Dinosaur Originally Modeled Its Dinos After Amish Farmers?

Illustration for article titled Pixars iGood Dinosaur/i Originally Modeled Its Dinos After Amish Farmers?

Earlier this year, news broke that the long whispered-about dinosaur feature from Pixar would be stripped down and reworked top-to-bottom. And now the new direction for The Good Dinosaur has finally been revealed, along with some strange, past ideas.


The LA Times has an update on The Good Dinosaur from new director Peter Sohn (who took the reigns from earlier director Bob Peterson, a common practice at Pixar). Sohn was given the directorial title after he pitched a streamlined version of the previous story centered around a teenage dinosaur and a human boy. The premise is basically the same: The movie is set in an alternate reality where the alleged dino-killing asteroid never collided with the Earth. And now dinosaurs and humans live together on the same planet.

But Sohn did cut one interesting plot ideas from Peterson's original premise, such as the fact that Peterson modeled "the dinosaurs on Amish farmers." That's gone, and the new antagonist (we never knew what the original antagonist was, but we just assume it's gone) is Nature.


But at it's heart ,the film is still all about growing up dinosaur-style and, "a teenage Apatosaurus named Arlo [who] takes a wild, young human boy named Spot as a pet."

And when you think about it, that idea is just as weird as Amish dinosaurs, but Pixar is often at its best when it's pitching wild ideas. In Pixar we trust. The Good Dinosaur is supposed to be released sometime in November 2015. For more information check out the LA Weekly article.

Top image from Pixar via LA Weekly.

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Zach Miller

I can't get behind this. If the asteroid never hit and dinosaurs never went extinct, humans never would have evolved.