Pixar Goes Old-School Viral to Push Toy Story 3

Not content to simply sell the latest in their flagship franchise, Pixar has created a perfectly crappy '80s TV spot for one of their new characters, Lots o'-Huggin' Bear — and a whole retro-ad YouTube channel around it.

The grainy video-camera image, the tracking blur on the bottom of the screen, the squeezy-cheesy logo: They all help making this ad feel like a totally convincing relic from the '80s, a commercial that you'd find sandwiched between episodes of Silverhawks or The Smurfs. But that ain't the case. It's the handiwork of the mad geniuses at Pixar, who've also stocked an entire YouTube channel — MrCrazycommercials — with similar-but-real spots to sell the gag.


It's a long way to go for a joke, but it works like gangbusters. It almost makes me want a hug.

(Via All Things Digital)

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