Pirates of the Caribbean Gets Charmingly Recapped by Emojis

As someone who doesn’t really use emoji (and laments that upcoming animated film with every bone in my body), I’ve got to admit I’ve fallen in love with Disney’s As Told By Emoji series. A couple of weeks ago, they took on Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, they’re here to remind us why Pirates of the Caribbean used to be so good... until Jack Sparrow became, well, Jack Sparrow.


Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those movies that I can put on anytime and have an amazing time watching it. Sure, it’s got its lackluster moments, but it was a fun adventure film that didn’t take itself too seriously. At least, not until the sequels. If you’re curious what a four-minute recap of Pirates of the Caribbean looks like, with an adorable dog emoji snuck in there, I definitely recommend checking this one out.


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Ah, it’s the new Farmtrooper, for more rural planets.

Also, he’s armed with a tractor beam.