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Piranha 3D's $10 million opening weekend spawns a sequel?

Illustration for article titled Piranha 3Ds $10 million opening weekend spawns a sequel?

Piranha 3D has only been in theaters for one weekend, but that's not stopping the studio from delivering even more bloody bikini-clad fish carnage. Piranha 3D - The Sequel is already being planned by Dimension Films. But where?


While we're sure it's way too early to jump the gun on where Piranha 3D- The Sequel will be set director Alexandre Aja has often thrown out Thailand as a possible sequel locale — because they throw a giant party there, of course. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Aja talked about this amazing bash, ripe for a school of murderous fish.

Alexandre Aja admits that thoughts of a sequel have also crossed his mind. "We had many ideas," he says. "There is the Full Moon Party in Thailand, a huge event with like 200,000 young people from all around the world taking mushrooms and partying on the beach."


Sounds good to us, plus this idea abides by the Scream 2 sequel rules: the death scenes must be much more elaborate and contain more blood and way more carnage.

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They'd never have the budget (or the creativity) to pull it off, but Piranhas in Central Park (and the NY sewers) would be a lot of fun.