Picky hermit crab lives in a multicolored LEGO shell

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Harry the hermit crab isn't like ordinary hermit crabs. Harry didn't want to wear a plain old sea shell or snail shell on his back. But Harry doesn't live in any old place; he lives in Legoland, and when offered a choice, opted for a Lego shell.


Hermit crabs need to wear borrowed shells to protect their soft bellies, but Harry, who resides in the Atlantis Discovery Area at Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire, rejected all the shells offered to him. Wondering if he might prefer a shell that matched his colored block surroundings, Legoland staff made Harry his very own red, yellow, and blue Lego shell. It appears to be just another shell with a Lego coating, but for whatever reason, Harry has taken to his new home. Maybe he just has excellent taste.

You can see video of Harry enjoying his new digs here.

Harry the Hermit Crab Gets A Lego Home of His Own [Inhabitat]

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We can all see that the Lego shell is in fact just a shell with Lego around it. Given that hermit crabs select their shell mostly for shape and how well they fit into it (particularly curling left/right) all they had to do to guarantee it chose their Lego surfaced shell is make that the only one that curled the way they know the crab likes in the tank.