Pick Any Hero You Want, Except Hana Gitelman

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Want to influence (admittedly in a very vague way) the cast of the next season of Heroes? Then make sure that you're paying attention to the new characters due to appear in the show's webcomic tie-ins, because you'll get the chance to decide which ones graduate from pen and ink lines on a screen to... photographic representations of actors on a different type of screen. Okay, that sounded a lot cooler in my head. But actually, the Heroes webcomic has had a lot of pretty cool characters.


The popularity contest will run in tandem with the new series of webcomics that superstar artist Michael Turner's Aspen Comics studio will be producing for NBC's official Heroes site. Aspen EVP Frank Mastromauro spilled the beans to an excited audience at this weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia convention:

We just received a whole bunch of new mini-scripts for this [project]. Just in the last couple weeks, [artist and Aspen vice president] Peter Steigerwald designed 12 new characters for Heroes. All these characters are debuting online at NBC.com throughout the summer, and then, towards the end, characters who get the most votes [from fans] will probably wind up making it onto the show this fall.


Before you get too excited about this attempt at democracy, you might want to remember the fate of poor Hana Gitelman, the last character to make the leap from webcomic to television show, lasting all of two cameo appearances before being killed off. Nonetheless, I'm hoping that this vote is so popular that it starts a trend, purely because I'd like them to follow up with a "Which character should we actually give a personality to?" election.

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Chris Braak

I vote for that one woman who's sticking her chest out. There's some indefinable, nebulous quality about her; I can't quite say what it is, but it's appealing.