Think you've seen every single twist on the zombie movie? Decay has something that no other zombie flick does: the Large Hadron Collider. A group of Physics PhD students filmed their horror movie against the photogenic particle accelerator, cooking up a Higgs Boson-driven plot about a physics experiment awry. Watch the LHC-filled trailer.


Sure, the premise that the discovery of the Higgs Boson might lead to the zombie apocalypse is a ludicrous one, but if it means we get to watch the undead eat their meat in the CERN facility, we'll take it. Plus, it's always fun to watch scientists do science fiction.

The full film will be released for free online under a Creative Commons license. Also, the filmmakers inform us, "This film has not been authorized or endorsed by CERN." So no need to fear Higgs zombies.


Decay Film — Hat tip to Jason!

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