Yesterday we got our first stellar look at Marvelā€™s Avengers: Infinity War. But while thereā€™s a lot of cool things on display (Wakanda!), one area thatā€™s caused some consternation is the Mad Titanā€™s new look. Not sure how you feel about Thanosā€™ ā€œdespot casualā€ gear? Work out your feelings through the magic of Photoshop, for our entertainment.

The internet being the internet, Marvel fans who suspect that giving Thanos a sleeveless vest and no crown makes him a little goofier have already taken swift action, rectifying the flaws of his new get-up:

But weā€™re turning it over to you, dear readers, to design Thanos a better costume to wear while beating up high schoolers and men with heart problems. It could just be a jaunty hat, it could be some facial hair, it could be a complete overhaul. Here are a few high-res stills of the Mad Titan for you to use as your glorious canvas, so give it what youā€™ve got and then post the results in the comments.


The best of the best will be spared when Thanos comes to destroy us all in his totally-fine costume. Or have a chance to be shared in a blog here on io9 tomorrow and in a future io9 video instead, honestly. Get to it!