The strangest sights in the universe could be right in front of you — if you could only see at a small enough scale. The microscopic universe is full of beautiful and terrifying sights, including monsters and treasures. Check out some of the greatest microscopy images of all time.

Top image: A wood ant holding a microchip in its mandibles, via DSLRimagery.

Butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant

(via DSLRimagery)

A micro-crack in steel

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Household dust

With cat fur, long hair, twisted synthetic and woolen fibres, a pollen grain and insect remains.

(via DSLRimagery)

Needle and thread

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E.coli bacteria on lettuce

(via AgriLife Today)

Beard hairs under a scanning electron microscope: cut with razor (left) and electric shaver (right)

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A moth wing

(via Reddit/Dahaka11)

Head of an embryonic Zebrafish with 500x magnification

(via FEI Company)

This picture shows the aftermath of fayalite reacting with gaseous CO2 to form siderite, thereby capturing the CO2 in a solid, stable form.

(via Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

A piece of dentine with dentinal tubules from human tooth, after demineralization using etching with 37% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds and 10% sodium hypochlorite for 1 minute.

(via FEI Company)

Shark skin (left) and a foot of a fly (right)

(via Reddit/ImNotjesus and EurekAlert)

The head of a maggot of a bluebottle fly

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A high-chromium, nickel-based alloy

Its surface was chemically etched to reveal faceted crystallographic planes at regions of localized microstructural damage.

(via Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

A mite, magnified about 850x

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Leaf of a Virginia spiderwort

(via Micropix/Wikimedia Commons)

The green chloropasts in the plant cells

(via BASF)


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Spherical spores produced by the fungus Emericella nidulans are coated in a thin layer of the protein hydrophobic. Hydrophobin ensures that water rolls off the spores.

(via BASF)

A bacterium living on the diatom of an amphipod

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Leg of a Gecko

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A Marine Worm, 58x magnification

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A bud of a sand dollar (or sea cookie) with 4348x magnification

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Abdomen of a mosquito

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