Photos of Japan's abandoned naval amusement park

Navel Land (yes, it's spelled "navel") is an abandoned maritime-themed amusement park in Arao, Japan. It's filled with aquariums, creepy sculptures, and dilapidation.

Luke Casey of Viceland went to this meticulously preserved phantom fun zone. This is what he had to say:

Crack isn't very popular in Japan, and as a result abandoned sites like this theme park are generally left in pretty good shape. At any Western equivalent you'd be hopscotching between used needles and pissy mattresses. However, there are the occasional reminders that you're not the first person to have visited; it's funny how often these reminders are 2Pac murals.


Be sure to check out the photographs of the creepy, not-so-abandoned bowling alley filled with a limousine(?) parked in it for no reason.

[Via Viceland]


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