Agan Harahap manages to create simple but fanciful photographs by juxtaposing two familiar elements: wild animals and grocery stores. While they seem to portray a fabled world in which animals have abandoned hunting and grazing in favor of prowling the aisles, they also comment on animal identity and the relationship between grocery shoppers and our food.

Harahap explains that his Garden Fresh series is meant to explore the nature of animals stuck in an artificial environment:

At the same time, when we see these ‘zoo-trapped' animals in supermarkets, their most outstanding characteristics are isolated as their ‘only' characteristics. The animals are stripped of their own identities and are used as empty vessels to be filled with the human drama of parody, satire and allegory. We cannot help but see animals from a human vantage point, and therefore in some sense all the works in the present exhibition are actually about us.


The effect is that we not only invent human stories as we imagine a tiger carefully selecting its meat or a zebra on the hunt for the sweetest apple, but we also consider the human animal's relationship with our food as we swing by the supermarket to gather our groceries.

See the full series at Harahap's Behance gallery.

Garden Fresh [Agan Harahap via mashKULTURE]