Photographs of gruesome injuries made out of cake and ice cream

Collage artist Ashkan Honarvar's Faces 5 series shows faces that have been torn apart in violent ways. But instead of seeing human gore and bone, we see candy and frosting.

Honarvar's Faces project considers the psychological and physical wounds endured by soldiers. Most installments of the project utilize photographs of World War I soldiers, but for Faces 5, he created these fanciful images. In an interview with Fast Company, Honarvar explains the significance of his candied wounds:

The colored candy symbolizes two things. One, the childish naiveté that we have about war and violence; we often forget how fragile the human body actually is. Second, the ‘sweet’ fake propaganda of war. The way we perceive it nowadays is through the television, so in a sense war becomes this ‘fake’ program, made for the masses.


The images are a combination of photography and Photoshop. Honarvar slathered liquid marshmallow on his models and onto clay forms, which he integrated digitally. You can see the rest of this series, as well as his other work, on his website.

Faces 5 [Ashkan Honarvar via rahzzah]

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