Photographer Turns Pre-Wedding Photos Into a Grand Lightsaber Battle

When a couple approached Singapore-based photographer Mezame Shashin-ka about doing a Star Wars-themed photoshoot, the results, which mingled real people, action figures, and a fair amount of post-production are damn impressive.

DIY Photography interviewed the photographer about how they pulled this whole thing off:

The Art of Mezame has been in the business of doing themed pre-wedding photography for couples who dare to be different and have a unique photobook to showcase their relationship with an epic cinematic feel.

Our clients first came across a previous shoot we had for another couple featuring them as survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Wanting to do something similar but with a Star Wars theme, the couple approached me and asked if I could do it. I jumped at the chance as I’m a Star Wars fan too and thought my affinity for toy photography could add a more interesting perspective to the photo series.

After weeks of pitching ideas, drawing storyboards, testing shots and site recces, we finally got around to doing the shoot with the couple as a pair of Jedi Knights who had to battle their Sith groomsmen. Armed with lightsabers sponsored by KIT SABERS, and costumes they put together themselves, the couple and their groomsmen duked it out in epic battle scenes inspired from the Star Wars movies


Below are a few more of the photos, read the rest of the interview and see all the photos at DIY Photography.


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