Dionisio Gonzalez makes photo mashups of urban spaces, converting every kind of city architecture into twisted, brokedown shanties that look a bit like a Brazilian favela and a bit like chunks of mirrored highrises. Marginal II, above, is a great example of his work. It's a sharp rejoinder to designs that portray future cities as all gleaming towers and green parks. Some of his stuff is so realistic you'll think it's an actual favela . . . until you look carefully. Check it out after the jump.

Here is a Gonzalez artwork called Heliopolis II:


And here is a real favela in Brazil:

Interesting how Gonzalez can use just a few photo effects and collage techniques on images of urban landscapes and turn them into shanties. Sort of like the way a small reversal in economic fortunes or climate change could quickly turn some of today's cities into shanty sprawl. All images by Dionisio Gonzalez, except the last one by Rodrigo Favera.

Dionisio Gonzalez [via Subtopia]

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