Cartoon artist Joe Alterio created this and two other transforming ink posters for the UK Institute of Physics. The image on the right is what you get when you expose the image on the left to heat.

Alterio is the guy behind the Robots And Monsters project, and he never shies away from a project that ignites the nerd side of the brain. He writes:

We waded into some of the more far-out printing processes, ending up with two photo-luminescent posters, and one printed with thermal inks, that reveal ink underneath when one applies heat, with your hand or a flame-thrower or whatever. The design implications, challenges, and opportunities brought about using their rather esoteric printing techniques were eye-opening for me, and terrific fun.

The posters will be placed in classrooms all across the UK. In a few months, the impressional young eyes of UK youth will all be transfixed by this weirdness, which I feel pretty good about. I'm still in talks with the IOP people, trying to convince them to set up a purchase option for these posters, because I think a lot of nerds might be into these, but we'll see.


We vote yes to making these awesome posters available to nerds the world over.

via Joe Alterio's blog Good Work