Philip Seymour Hoffman channels L. Ron Hubbard like crazy in new Master trailer

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The biggest question mark hanging over P.T. Anderson's The Master has always been: How close to a movie about Scientology is this going to be? Rumor had it that Anderson tweaked the script a lot to take it away from being a straight-up portrayal of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard — but the Hubbard vibe is still very strong in this new trailer. Watch as Philip Seymour Hoffman asks Joaquin Phoenix a series of weird questions, with the words "We are immortal spirits" sandwiched in there somewhere. This could be one of the year's most fascinating movies. [via Ned Raggett on Twitter]

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I'm "take or leave it" on P.T. Anderson as a director but this film has me really excited. I agree that it's too soon to say whether or not this will be a hard look at Scientology but the two short clips we've seen are promising that it'll give us the beginnings.

Bring on the Thetans!