Syfy just announced plans to adapt Philip K. Dick's award-winning 1962 novel The Man in the High Castle as a miniseries. The book is set in an alternate universe where the Axis won World War II, and America has been divided amongst Germany, Italy and Japan; the complex narrative covers several characters as they fight (or serve) the factions ruling America, try to stave off a nuclear attack, and funt for the mysterious author of a novel about an alternate history of their WWII where the Allies won (still nothing at all like our history).

It's a pretty ambitious work for Syfy to adapt, but there's good news in that regard; The Man in the High Castle will be executive produced by Framk Spotnitz of Millennium fame (and a writer on many X-Files episodes) and Ridley Scott (who you may already know). I don't think Scott would get involved if Syfy was planned to pull an Earthsea on this thing. There's absolutely no other news on the project, but we will definitely be keeping you posted.


[Via The New York Times]