Philip K. Dick's Adjustment Bureau Adds Lost, Mad Men Stars

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We'd lost interest in the Matt Damon/Emily Blunt vehicle Adjustment Bureau because it transformed a Philip K. Dick tale into a "love story." But the casting of Daniel Dae Kim and John Slattery, plus new details, adjusted our attitudes.


Kim, best known for playing Jin on Lost (as well as a slimy lawyer on Angel), will play a "mysterious staffer" at the Bureau of Adjustments, according to the Hollywood Reporter. (And if the movie is anything like the Dick story it's based on, this Bureau actually revises a fabricated reality around people.) And Mad Men's Slattery plays a high-ranking Bureau executive.

And there's a new plot synopsis: Damon plays a congressman who's on the rise in politics. Michael Kelly (Law Abiding Citizen) plays Damon's campaign manager and best friend. Damon falls in love with a ballet dancer (Blunt), but discovers a strange organization is keeping them apart. [THR]


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Sounds interesting. Does Halcyon have anything to do with the Phillip K. Dick story rights? Another post mentioned something along those lines earlier this week that was never made clear.