Philip K. Dick Teams Up With Alanis Morissette To Save The World

First she played god, and now Alanis Morissette is going to be the best friend of Philip K. Dick. Morissette co-stars in the new movie of Radio Free Albemuth, which has been completed but has yet to find a release date. In addition to being Dick's first semi-autobiographical novel (in which he appears as a character), Albemuth also has something very important in common with Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen.


Both stories take place in an alternate universe where Richard Nixon is still president, years after Watergate. In the case of Albemuth, though, the president is a sort of Nixon clone named Ferris F. Freemont, and he's cracking down in an effort to get rid of the terrorist organization Aramchek. The U.S. has become a police state, with civil liberties thrown out the window. And then a record store clerk named Richard starts having weird visions and decides to overthrow the U.S. government. He teams up with a folk singer named Sylvia (Morissette) and her best friend, science fiction writer Philip K. Dick (Shea Whigham, left).


There's a new interview with first-time director John Alan Simon, in which he talks about the process of making the film. (The actors had to do their own makeup and wardrobe, at least at first.) And he explains how he cut the 150-minute movie down to a 128-minute version that still includes most of Dick's novel, and how he tried to preserve the metaphysical and subversive aspects of Dick's work, more than previous movies. [Dickien via Sci Fi Movie Page]

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