The future, as envisioned by Japanese illustrators in the 1980s, is as beautiful as it is bizarre.

Top image by Ryoko Ishioka, via 50 Watts

Featured here is but a small sampling from a huge collection of futuristic Japanese illustrations from the 70s and 80s, all of them sought out, scanned, and compiled by design blogger/historian/custodian of retrofuturistic relics Will Schofield. For the full collection (the expansion of which is on hiatus while Schofield curates a related assortment of artwork) visit Space Teriyaki at 50 Watts.

Images and captions via Will Schofield

Shusei Nagoaka, Humanoid, movie poster

Noriyoshi Orai, advertising poster, 1980

Pater Sato magazine cover

Komatsuzaki, Underground metropolis, ca. 1980

Naoki Yasuda, ca. 80s

Sadao Sato, late 80s

Shusei Nagaoka, from Androla in Labyrinth, 1984

Kazuaki Iwasaki, mid-80s

Shusei Nagaoka, Androla in Labyrinth, 1984

Shusei Nagaoka, Androla in Labyrinth, 1984