PETMAN is the Terminator's less violent kid brother

Looks like BigDog finally has a robotic counterpart to take him out for a walk. Actually, Boston Dynamics's PETMAN has been under development for a while now, but this is our first opportunity to see him decked out in full battle gear.


The DoD funded Boston Dynamics says the humanoid robot is being used to test the performance of protective clothing designed for hazardous environments. PETMAN has sensors embedded in its skin to detect any chemicals that might leak through the suit. The skin can also maintain a micro-climate inside the suit by sweating and regulating temperature.


George Dvorsky

I was surprised by how much this made my stomach turn when I first watched it. It's the uncanny valley aspect to it, I think. There's a threatening quality to it, another reminder of how we're inexorably headed towards the creation of a true humanoid robot.