Peter, the New Star of Deadpool 2, Has a Real Twitter That's an Absolute Delight

The mustache is totally aerodynamic.
Gif: Marvel

The latest and final trailer for Deadpool 2 added a new member to the X-Force: Peter. He doesn’t have any powers, he just responded to the ad. And, as it turns out, he’s also got a dad-tastic Twitter presence.


Scrolling through his Twitter feed, you can find out a lot about this guy. Peter W., also known as @PeterX_1974, has been using the social media site to share beekeeping advice and refusals to try drugs for almost a month now.

So what else did we find out about Peter? What are his likes, dislikes, fears, and dreams? Well, there’s the beekeeping but his profile also says he loves sports and grilling. He wears Sketchers Shape-Ups, he’s not-so-easily fooled by Photoshopped animals (except all the times he is), he’s religious, and he enjoys ‘90s sitcoms.

But Peter’s really not a fan of curse words or R rated films...


Which begs the question: How’s he going to hang with Deadpool and his merry band of misfits? Oh, and yeah... his wife is probably cheating on him with her personal trainer. But through it all, he stays positive.


I scoured his Twitter account for any hints and clues of what we can expect from this new guy in Deadpool 2, but he’s keeping pretty mum for now.


We also sent Peter a DM asking for his reaction to being on the X-Force, as well as his favorite superhero and greatest beekeeping advice. We’ll see if he replies. After all, he’s a busy man now. In the gig economy, you do what you want to get by. Hashtag live your dreams.

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