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Peter Sellers Is the March Hare In The Most Demented Alice in Wonderland of All

There have been a lot of adaptations of Alice in Wonderland over the years, including a Disney animated version, an X-rated musical, and Tim Burton’s lavish CG fantasia (which is getting a sequel!). But the strangest, and maybe best, is the 1972 version...featuring Peter Sellers as the March Hare and Dudley Moore as the Dormouse, as seen in this amazing “tea party” scene.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland features music from John Barry (the James Bond composer!) and creatures designed to look as close as possible to the original John Tenniel drawings as possible. And it actually won a BAFTA award for cinematography.

Here’s another sequence, in which the March Hare and the Dormouse make a sudden exit about five minutes in:

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Carol Channing as the White Queen, though!