Peter Sarsgaard To Play Green Lantern's Heady Foe, Hector Hammond

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Critically-acclaimed actor Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play evil, giant-head Hector Hammond opposite Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern.


Given that Sarsgaard and Hammond may not exactly be household names for all film-goers, here's a little background on them both. Sarsgaard has gained plaudits for his roles in Boys Don't Cry, Shattered Glass, and Jarhead. He also played Zach Braff's best friend in Garden State and is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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Supervillain Hector Hammond has perhaps one of the most lamentable superpowers in the DC Universe. A strange meteorite gave him the whole gamut of psychic powers (mind control, telekinesis, etc.), but it also afflicted him with an epic case of macrocephaly. In fact, Hammond's head is so heavy that he must sit strapped to a chair at all times - otherwise, his domepiece will crush his body. In the comics, Hammond was a lowly criminal prior to gaining superpowers. His film counterpart is a pathologist who's considered a disappointment by his senator father.

Sarsgaard is the most recent addition to director Martin Campbell's 2011 GL flick. Last week, Blake Lively joined the cast as Carol Ferris a.k.a. Hal Jordan's romantic interest a.k.a. the on-again, off-again Green Lantern antagonist Star Sapphire. It's unconfirmed whether Hammond or Ferris will appear in their civilian or villainous incarnations.

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I've surprised myself, but, honestly ... I think this is an okay move. Yes, Hector Hammond is an iffy villain, but he can get a decent modern upgrade ... and what's more important, he definitely leaves room for raising the stakes later on.

The thing is, we all know that GL is, no matter what they say, a Lensman riff (Hell, the *guy who wrote the oath* was Alfred "Won a Hugo" Bester; he had to know who E.E. "Doc" Smith was) and the thing about the Lensman series is that it starts off with (assuming you ignore the first volume, which I think we should for right now, and treat it as a "Magician's Nephew"-style prequel) big criminal opposition, and gradually reveals the big, huge, massive, terrifying Forces From The Dawn O' Time bit over four books.

I *really* want GL to be a SF story, not a superhero story, and the more they behave like they're doing Lensman, the happier I'll be. We don't want to start off with GL fighting Sinestro, because the only place to go from there is the Anti-Monitor or Krona, which is just too damn big for one movie. Let'em build slow, teach the rules, I'll be happy.