The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had its issues, but the sudden, inexplicable reappearance of Peter Parker's dad was not one of them. That's because this alternate ending, in which the elder Parker accosts his son at Gwen Stacy's grave, wasn't used — which was probably for the best.


I mean, the whole scene just seems weird. From Peter's dad finally showing up in his son's life, to telling Peter it's his "destiny" to fix the problems he made, or even belatedly giving the iconic "with great power comes great responsibility" line — none of it really works. And what happens now? Can't Parker senior go back home now that Norman Osborn is dead? Would he just be living with Aunt May in Amazing Spidey 3? Yeah, I think it's probably good this ended up on the cutting room floor.

[Via Comic Book Movie]


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