Peter Parker Isn't Spider-Man?

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Are we about to see a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man? Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis is teasing that very possibility in a new interview with MySpace Comic Books. He talked about the way that new series Ultimatum will change his series, dropping some big hints. Said Bendis:

[W]hen the Ultimatum wave hits, that wave is hitting Spider-Man's world and Spider-Man's cast and Spider-Man's house. We worked very closely on following Ultimatum's lead, and then finding other cool stuff to do in Ultimate Spider-Man. When Ultimate Spider-Man 129 hits, you'll see the wave hit, and how it affects all the characters... Almost everyone's role will change dramatically. There's gonna be a new supporting cast, there may even be a new Spider-Man.


Hype or the sign of a whole new Clone Saga? We'll see when Ultimate Spider-Man #129 hits stories next month. [MySpace]

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Bendis has not done me wrong yet and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ultimate Spider-man. When Marvel raises its prices this is the one book I will continue reading. LOVE IT.