Peter Parker Discovers His Power in the Latest Footage From Disney's New Spider-Man Cartoon

He’s yet to learn about great responsibility, but Marvel’s newest animated iteration of Spider-Man is already getting used to his great powers in the latest prologue short for the new series.


Marvel’s new Spider-Man show is doing the pretty smart thing and getting the origin story out of the way early in a series of prequel shorts. And while the first gave us the actual moment Peter got bitten by that infamous radioactive spider, the second actually lets us see the young teen figure out that in the world of comic books, such a bite gives you sweet-ass spider-powers instead of deadly radiation poisoning.

Jokes aside, it also offers some great insights into the new show’s take on Peter himself—one that seems a little more nerd than even some of his fellow non-comics counterparts have been lately. It’s nice to see the science-focused aspect of Peter’s character get a spotlight again instead of him being just your generic weedy outsider, and him actually using his interest in science to test out his skills is a neat little touch.


Spider-Man hits Disney XD August 19, but a few more shorts going over Peter’s origin will come out of the course of this week. Next stop, father figure death, I guess!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Matthew Golden

Why does all of Marvel’s recent animation look like it has a budget to rival the cost of a Wendy’s value meal? Marvel’s rarely (if ever) been DC’s equal in the realm of animation, but especially given that they’re now owned by the world’s most famous purveyors of animation, shouldn’t it look better, not worse?