Peter Parker and His Spectacular Spider-Robot Make For an Awesome Figure Set

We’re big fans of designer Ashley Wood’s alternate takes on Marvel character, and his latest creation is no exception. Why bother with Spider-Man when you could have Peter Parker and his giant robot instead?

Wood’s latest figure for 3A re-imagines Peter as the teen genius he always was, just without the superpowers—so instead of swinging into action as the amazing Spider-Man, he builds a giant robot to do it all for him, controlled by a tablet. It’s a really cool idea that makes for an awesome-looking figure set.


The scrawny peter, complete with his own slapdash homemade Spidey outfit, clocks in at 10 inches tall, and comes with a backpack, tablet, interchangeable hands, and a ridiculously intricate camera that even has a flash, light meter, dust blower and four interchangeable lenses. Interchangeable lenses on a camera for a tiny toy! That’s amazing.

His slightly rusting Spider-Pal is a little larger at 15 inches tall, and while it doesn’t have any extra accessories, the eyes on the robot light up to make it look alive. I’d read a comic somewhere in the Spider-Verse about this alternate Peter, that’s for sure.


Such greatness doesn’t come without a cost, though—the two-pack set, available in both the classic red-and-blue and a Venom-esque black-and-white “stealth edition” limited to 3A’s bambaland web store, will set you back a hefty $350. Preorders go live next week on July 29, for a release later this year.

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