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Peter Pan proposes to Wendy on stage while creepy giant Nana watches

Instead of giving Wendy a thimble, the grown up Peter Pan got down on one knee and made this fairy tale romance come true. Watch as Wendy and Peter Pan get engaged, while a gigantic puppet version of the Nana dog watches menacingly in the background.


Romantic Sandor Sturbl proposed on stage to Lilly-Jane Young, 22, in front of a very surprised audience in Glasgow; he interrupted the final musical sendoff with a heartfelt confession of his happiness and intention to marry her... and officially imprison her as mother to all the lost boys forever. Just kidding; the whole thing was really sweet, and besides, the giant Nana in the background was presumably munching on some poor kids shadow anyways. Love it!

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Why you gotta hate on Nana? I started my Illustrious Theatre Career playing Nana in 1992 and it didn't do me no harm.*

*Note: poverty in extremis and crushing loneliness are not actual harm.