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Peter Jackson trolls the world, flaunts his copy of the Star Wars: Episode VIII script

Illustration for article titled Peter Jackson trolls the world, flaunts his copy of the emStar Wars: Episode VIII/em script

Peter Jackson just became "that guy" in the geek world. In a recent video blog preview for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Jackson slipped in a little Star Wars humblebrag. At the 4:51 mark, you can plainly see a Jackson specific copy of the next Star Wars movie in his possession. Oh this, this old thing, it's just my copy of the Star Wars: Episode VIII script, NBD.


Spotted by Geek Tyrant, there is no Earthly way that wasn't put in there on purpose. This guy is the master of the sight gag. There's no way to tell if this script is real or just a joke one of his amazing prop masters rigged up to tease the audience (out money is on joke). It wouldn't surprise us if Jackson had a copy, though — I'm sure, he Spielberg and Abrams all have a secret dropbox where they share copies to just about everything we're dying to see.


That being said, we could seriously get into a Peter Jackson Star Wars movie. Just think of the hours upon hours of footage we'll get, and that's not even counting the deleted scenes!

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That Small Dark Voice

Knowing him, he'd do VII, VIII, and IX all at once...

Also, that galaxy far, far away would look suspiciously like New Zealand.