Peter Jackson takes you inside the first day of shooting on The Hobbit

Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this Hobbit set video right now. Peter Jackson has started a vlog all about making The Hobbit, and it's absolutely shocking how much access he's giving the public. Step back into The Shire!


Jackson took his facebook cameras into the completely rebuilt sets of Bag End and Rivendell. And into a blocking meeting where you can watch Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) act out his first ever Baggins moment (lugging around a giant weapon behind a few dwarves including Kili). Ian McKellen stops by to complain about his wardrobe — adorably — and to rib Jackson. Heck, the director even releases behind the scenes footage from the first day of shooting. It's enough to make any Tolkien fan misty-eyed. Jackson's vlog also reveals just how a movie of this magnitude is made — clearly, with a whole lotta people!

We're certainly looking forward to more on set video reports to come. Let's see if he still has the will-power to keep it up when he's knee deep in Orc droppings a few months from now! Spectacular stuff.


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James Whitbrook

That looks so amazing. I love how Peter's little speech at the end was made somehow even more epic and wonderful by having Howard Shore's music playing under it.

It's so awesome that they're going to be letting us watch little snippets along the way, I can't wait to see more!