Did anyone think the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie was too short? Yes, three people did, and they happen to be director Peter Jackson, screenwriter Philippa Boyens and producer Fran Walsh, who have revealed some of the new and extended scenes which will be included in the film's upcoming Extended Edition Blu-ray set.

According to an interview with Empire, these will include...

• More Hobbiton

• More Goblin Town

• The Goblin King's full song

• More of the dwarves being shitty to the elves of Rivendell

• An appearance by Thranduil and the white gems the dwarves and the elves are still fighting over


• An appearance by Girion and the black arrows which can pierce Smaug's scales

I don't know if that's all of them, but those are the ones we know. They should add a good 20 minutes minimum to the film's shockingly trim three-hour run-time when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition is released in November.

[Via Coming Soon]