Peter Jackson may direct The Hobbit films after all

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After Guillermo del Toro stepped down from directing the Hobbit film, fans went insane. Especially when the name Brett Ratner was cruelly tossed around as a replacement. But it looks like Peter Jackson is stepping in to save the day.


THR is reporting that Jackson is currently in negotiations to direct the film and pick up where GDT left off back in May:

But since his departure, Warner Bros. and New Line, which run point on the production over partner MGM, never did a full-on search for a director, even as some names surfaced as possible contenders. Why? Because Warners/New Line was saving most of its energy trying to woo Jackson back to Middle-Earth.


It's the best idea we've heard yet. Let's hope Jackson can pull himself away from Tintin.

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It would be nice. I rather hoped for a new perspective, but if it's a choice between an unknown factor and Peter Jackson, I take Jackson any time. I just hope that he doesn't discard all the plans Guillermo del Toro already made, and perhaps consults his friend for props and other details.

*really wants to see wolf-like Wargs*