Peter Dinklage's Prison Mullet Looks Sublime In First Still From Pixels

Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan and Peter Dinklage look pretty good, too, but Dinklage's hair steals the show in the first image from the upcoming video game action comedy, Pixels.

Photo Credit: George Krychyk via EW

Our first look comes via Entertainment Weekly, where we get the following synopsis for the full-length version of the amazing 2010 short film of the same name.

In the Chris Columbus-directed film, the U.S. president (Kevin James) recruits his childhood friends to help save the country. Back in 1982, his three buddies were arcade prodigies, but cut to the present day: "They're really three losers," laughs Columbus. They've ended up a TV mechanic (Adam Sandler), a felon (Peter Dinklage), and a conspiracy theorist (Frozen's Josh Gad). But, they're still the best guys for the job, and after teaming up with a more up-to-date weapons expert (True Detective's Michelle Monaghan), they have no choice but to be ready for battle.

Shown above in their suits for the first time, the so-called Arcaders are on their way to take down Pac-Man. "They're actually becoming sort of cultural heroes at this point. It's a very important shot in the film," says Columbus.


As for the mullet, a film with such clear retro roots needs its throwback hair, and Columbus says Dinklage was the clear choice:

"We thought, 'Someone has to sport the mullet in the movie," said Columbus. "[Dinklage's] character has been in prison. He's the only one who's still trapped in the eighties a bit."


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