Peter Dinklage Will Use His Elite Donkey Kong Skills To Save The World

We've been excited for a while about the idea of a full-length version of the amazing short film Pixels, in which 1980s video game characters attack New York. And then it was turned into an Adam Sandler vehicle. But now our interest is spiking again, because Peter Dinklage may co-star as a classic arcade game champion who saves the day.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dinklage is in "early talks" to join the cast of this film, in which Kevin James plays the president of the United States, who recruits childhood friends (Adam Sandler and Josh Gad) to help him save the nation from these 8-bit attackers. And Dinklage is up for the role of "a former Donkey Kong and Space Invaders champion who is a loudmouth." Chris Columbus is directing, from a script by Tim Herlihy and Timothy Dowling.


Honestly, after seeing the hilarious Knights of Badassdom, we're up for a dozen more films in which Dinklage plays a loud-mouthed nerd. [THR]

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T. L. Evans

that's not fair! Adam Sandler has made some good films like... uhh... well.... oh never mind.