Peter Dinklage may star in "grounded scifi" show Beasts of Valhalla

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We mentioned it briefly when the report about the potential Farscape movie, but screenwriter Justin Monjo is also working adapting George C. Chesbro's novels The Beasts Of Valhalla into a scifi series for HBO, with the lead role written specifically for Dinklage, and now we have more details.


The books are about Dr. Robert Fredrickson, also known as "Mongo the Magnificent." He received that nickname during his younger days as a circus acrobat, but he's now a professor of criminology and a private eye, investigating cases that often border on the supernatural. For instance, Empire says the book An Affair of Sorcerers is about"New York cults of warlocks and tarot readers." Monjo calls the series "grounded scifi," and obviously wants Dinklage to star.


Just for the record, this does not mean your beloved Tyrion will be dying anytime soon in Game of Thrones, at least as far as we know of. I sincerely doubt HBO would take the star of their massively successful show to star in an all new project; more likely he's filming The Beasts of Valhalla when he's not shooting Thrones, which he'd do as opposed to starring in movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past. Or maybe Valhalla will be a more limited series. Either way, I guarantee no one wants this new show to interfere with Game of Thrones. the only way Tyrion is leaving is if Dinklage gets bored or by George R.R. Martin's pen.

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The books started off relatively grounded and interesting - I've read several of them - but around the time they turned the protagonist into a blue-furred monster (albeit temporarily) they started to lose me. They were a relatively straight mystery series at first; when they took a turn in the X-Files direction it got a little too goofy for me to take seriously. That being said, it's a great role for Dinklage, and a good showrunner could reign in the wackier aspects.