Peter Dinklage May Or May Not Being Playing A Leprechaun In New Comedy

Peter Dinklage is one of those actors whose roles of ranged from the sublime (Game of Thrones, The Station Agent) to the bizarre (Underdog), and one of his upcoming projects sounds pretty crazy. In the comedy film O'Lucky Day, Dinklage is set to play a con man who may be a Leprechaun.

Deadline is reporting that A Walk to Remember and Hairspray director Adam Shankman is onboard for O'Lucky Day, in which Dinklage's character will be passing himself off as a Leprechaun, but may or may not really be one. Huh. We're always excited for more Dinklage, and we're intrigued to see him taking on a conman role. But I wonder what kind of comedy we'll be seeing with this concept — something light and whimsical, or something with a bit of bite?


Adam Shankman To Helm Peter Dinklage Comedy 'O'Lucky Day' For Paramount [Deadline]

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