We know that Peter Capaldi was a huge fan of Doctor Who long before he took up the mantle of the 12th Doctor, but apparently his enthusiasm earned him the ire of the BBC's Doctor Who office. Watch him squirm adorably as he hears what one BBC employee thought of his younger self.

While Capaldi was a guest on his show, Graham Norton read a pair of 1972 letters from Sarah Newman, who worked for the BBC at the time. In one, she politely responds to a letter from the young Capaldi, apparently following his request to be a secretary for the Official Doctor Who Fan Club. But in the second letter, she's a bit less polite, telling the actual secretary of the fan club about her frustrations with "Peter C." and how she wishes a Dalek would come along and exterminate him. Capaldi is a bit sheepish through the whole thing, but at the end, he gets the last laugh; after all, he got to be the Doctor.


[via The Mary Sue]

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