Peter Capaldi Will Appear in the First Episode of Doctor Who Spinoff Class

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It’s been rumored for ages, but now it’s official: Peter Capaldi will appear as the Twelfth Doctor in the first episode of the BBC’s new young adult spinoff show Class.


The news was revealed in a livestream featuring a Q&A with the main cast of the series, which also confirmed that the first two episodes of the series will be released on BBC Three (a former channel and now online-only service in the UK) Saturday, October 22nd. BBC America, who had previously acknowledged that the show would air in the US this year, has now confirmed that Class will air alongside Doctor Who’s 10th season in 2017.


This is the first real solid information from Class, an alarming bit of news considering the show is just under a month away. Hopefully we’ll have some footage soon.

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But why won’t they resurrect Torchwood?